As a public relations firm, we provide a number of services to clients. From author brand development to media training, there are many aspects of what your publicist can do for you. Below are some articles authors have found useful in managing their promotion and understanding how to better work with their publicists.
Beginning Your Publicity Plan
The Basics of Author Branding
Discovering Your Message Points
The Tools of The Trade
The Art of Pitching
Media Training for Authors: Part One
Media Training for Authors: Part Two
Crisis Communication

You can also find more information about how I work including rate sheets, typical types of projects, a list of clients and frequently asked questions about my freelancing policies. I also have experience in writing case studies, brochures, video/radio scripts, employee newsletters, providing comprehensive media training for clients, and developing crisis communication and investor relations plans. If you'd like to see a sample of work from one of these areas or would like to ask me about a project you have in mind, please e-mail me.